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HSUS’ Trojan Horse Ag Councils

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Here at the Animal Agriculture Alliance, we keep a close watch on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSUS raises millions of dollars each year through their sad puppy and kitty advertisements. But we know that only 1% of their annual donations go to pet shelters. A large amount of the money raised is used in efforts to limit and eventually end animal agriculture. HSUS certainly does not have the best interests of farmers and ranchers in mind and would prefer if animal agriculture would disappear altogether.

Recently, HSUS has formed Agriculture Councils in Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Ohio. These councils, in their words, are being formed to “better animal welfare and environmental stewardship,”But many farmers and ranchers are skeptical about what HSUS has in store for the animal agriculture industry with this Trojan horse approach.  Farmers and ranchers are constantly evolving to become more efficient and sustainable. Farmers don’t have to join councils to understand the value of environmental stewardship, they know that if they do not care for the land then they cannot efficiently run their businesses. Moreover, most farmers want to leave the land in a better condition than when they inherited it–so that younger generations will be able to sustain the farming lifestyle. Farmers and ranchers work hard to ensure the land is healthy to continue to raise their crops and animals efficiently.

The Humane Society is constantly proposing new regulations and restrictions on animal agriculture to lawmakers. So why should farmers and ranchers trust them to give advice in these Ag Councils? It is still unclear what underlying objectives the councils have but the farmers and ranchers that are willing to participate should be aware of HSUS’s true agenda which is to do away with animal agriculture by whatever means necessary.

HSUS is not our friend and does not have the agriculture community’s wellbeing in mind. Farmers and ranchers know that to produce a safe and healthy product they have to care for their animals and the land they are raised on year after year. Farmers and ranchers don’t need the help of the Humane Society to tell them how to raise healthy animals–it’s something they’ve been taught to do by the generations of farmers and ranchers before them.  And they will teach the next generations the same pride and dedication to animal care, environmental stewardship and food safety–all without the “help” of an organization dedicated to puppies, kitties and ending animal agriculture.

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