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#Farmtopork Blogs Continued

Earlier this month, we posted a blog pertaining to our great #farmtopork blogger tour ( Since then, these extremely talented bloggers have continued to write amazing blogs about where their meat comes from. If you want to check out any of the new blogs (which we highly recommend!), click the links below.

Kirsten Wright, The Crafting Chicks, “10 Things that Surprised Me about Commerical Pig Farming

Gina von Esmarch, Bowl Licker, “Wordless Wednesday-North Carolina

Kelly Pugliano, Eat Picks, “Mexican Pork Roast

Cristen Clark, Food and Swine, “#Farmtopork Blogger Tour

Carmen Stacier, Mom to the Screaming Masses, “Hog Butchering Class” “Sausage, Bacon, Ham? Cassoulet!”

Also make sure to check out the Alliance Pinterest page for all of the #farmtopork chatter!

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College Aggies Dairy Blogs

BJ_smCcCcAAj8MfMy grandfather always told my sisters and me to treat the cows like ladies because that is exactly what they are. He taught us to respect all of our animals, treat them well, and keep them happy. Those ladies deserved that. Without them, we would be nothing as farmers and as consumers. With lessons like that engrained into my mind, I find it hard to hear that people so far removed from the agriculture industry believe the myths about cows being treated badly on farms like my own. Myths and lies spread like wild fire while the truth takes a while to catch up and fix the damage. However, as an “agvocate,” that difficult job is taken in stride.
Our College Aggie participants partook in a “personal branding” webinar with Dairy Management Inc. this week, where they learned how to be effective in their “agvocating” as well as how to represent themselves to the public. The posts (listed below) either summarize what they learned in that webinar or use that information to represent the dairy industry. The blogs range from discussing athletes and chocolate milk (which go together great in case you didn’t know!) to the differences in beef and dairy cows. The participants wrote some amazing blogs and have proven themselves to be strong agvocates for the industry.

Personal Branding… Who Are You and How Do Others See You?

10 myths about agriculture – #10 – 5 myths about the dairy industry

Athletes choose Chocolate Milk

Girls Day Out???

5 Ways to Brand Yourself

A Dairy Misconception: Malnourished Cows