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#Farmtopork Blogs Continued

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Earlier this month, we posted a blog pertaining to our great #farmtopork blogger tour ( Since then, these extremely talented bloggers have continued to write amazing blogs about where their meat comes from. If you want to check out any of the new blogs (which we highly recommend!), click the links below.

Kirsten Wright, The Crafting Chicks, “10 Things that Surprised Me about Commerical Pig Farming

Gina von Esmarch, Bowl Licker, “Wordless Wednesday-North Carolina

Kelly Pugliano, Eat Picks, “Mexican Pork Roast

Cristen Clark, Food and Swine, “#Farmtopork Blogger Tour

Carmen Stacier, Mom to the Screaming Masses, “Hog Butchering Class” “Sausage, Bacon, Ham? Cassoulet!”

Also make sure to check out the Alliance Pinterest page for all of the #farmtopork chatter!

One thought on “#Farmtopork Blogs Continued

  1. thanks this helped me with my project beacue of way of life thanks ;] ;]

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